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August 6, 2010

Little Things to Update Your Home…Selling Your Home

Have you lived in your home for over five years?  Have you painted?  Have you replaced a light fixture?  If you have not started to update your home, now is the time.  Over a five-year period colors, hardware finishes and preferred floor coverings will all change.  If you consistently replace items as you live in your home, when the time comes to sell, you will be ready.  Additionally, you will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

In the kitchen, look at the finish of the hardware.  Do you still have brass pulls on the drawers and cabinets?  Stop by a hardware store and see all the wonderful finishes that are now available.  On to appliances, almond will not be found in a store today.  Flooring, there are unbelievable textures, finishes and styles on the market.  Many are very reasonably priced.

In the bedrooms, when was the last time you replaced a bedcover…meaning bedspread, quilt, duvet?  In the next Sunday’s newspaper check, out the Macy’s circular.  Does your bed-covers look like the ad? If not. now is the time to update.  How about a new lamp to go with the bed-covers?

First impressions are extremely important, so think about your foyer.  Does it need a new rug?  What’s the finish on the light?  Are the flowers faded in the arrangement on the entrance table?  Start checking out the end of the season arrangements available in many stores.

Remember, baths sell houses and spa baths are in.  Plush linens and new bathroom hardware are a great way to get that spa feel.  Add some fashionable art as a finishing touch.

We are not suggesting re-doing your home, its ongoing replacing items in your home to give your home a current look and feel.   Sometime in the future you will want to sell your home.  If you have not done some updating over time, you may need to do many of these items to ask and receive top dollar for your home.


July 19, 2010

*Getting Ready for Home Appraisal – Selling Your Home

Your home is finally under contract and the appraiser is coming…what do you do?   Just like when your home was for sale, make it as easy as possible for the appraiser to get into your home.  Work around their schedule and let them come at their convenience.  They will need around an hour to measure the home, take exterior and interior photos, and do a walk through inspection of all the rooms including basements, crawl spaces, and attics.

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May 3, 2010

* Create a Living Space with Patios and Decks – Selling Your Home

Spring came a little late this year; however, summer is just around the corner.  Now is the time to spruce up those outdoor areas if you are selling your home.  The first item should be a good cleaning so all the spring pollen is washed away.  Hose down everything including all the furniture – remember you want to get rid of the yellow pollen.  If you have a concrete patio, does it need a power washing; same for wood decks?  Remove all the spider webs and dead leaves.  Read more.


March 15, 2010

*More Sparkling Bath – Selling Your Home Part 5

Do you like the feel when you walk into a hotel bath?  The lush linens, striking countertops, and clean feeling…again that is what a home buyer wants when they walk into your home.  In Sparkling Bath”  we talked about cleaning your bath, now let’s address the bath so home buyers are dazzled.  First start by picking a color scheme…crisp white if the walls are dark,  bold color if the walls are pale.  Remember pastels are out.   Use colors that are similar to adjacent bedrooms.

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March 12, 2010

*Sparkling Bath – Selling Your Home Part 4

You know those television and magazine ads you see for bathrooms with sparkles and glimmers shining on the TV screen or paper…well that is the way a home buyer wants to see your bathrooms.  Bathrooms sell homes so make the most of yours.  Plan a day to clean your bathrooms.  Read more….

February 3, 2010

*Staging a Home for Sale

What is this new thing called “staging a home for sale“?  First it’s been around awhile and used mostly for high-end homes.  Today everyone watches HGTV and can see what rearranging a few pieces of furniture can do for a home.  Real estate agents have a home staged primarily for two reasons.  First, to make the home more appealing to a larger cross-section of buyers; the second reason is to get better photos.  Staging can be done by a professional home stager, the homeowner or the real estate agent.

The first thing anyone can do in staging and the most cost-effective tool is paint…you may love the chartreuse in the dining room, however no one else will, so for the cost of a gallon of paint and several hours of time you can make the buyers viewing your house want your home.  Staging is used to eliminate problems when possible…does the pink tile in the powder room need to be covered by wainscoting?  Arrange furniture so that the best features of the room stand out.  Put away that old oversized recliner while the home is for sale.  If you still are using your college desk, you may want to consider investing in a new one.  Consider whether you want a home buyer looking at the furniture or the room.  Staging is used to create harmony so that homebuyers focus on the positive attributes of your home.

With color and furniture arrangement done, the real estate agent is able to take interesting photos of your home.  Photos are the first impression for a home buyer! They use the photos to virtually walk thru a home, consider the size of rooms, and decide if the home would be somewhere they want to live.  Real estate agents use photos to tell the story of a home and neighborhood.  They create visual interest and excitementRemember a picture is worth a thousand words, so if you are selling your home, you want those words to portray your home in it’s best light.

Staging can be done with a nominal budget and a few days of time.  It’s one of the best investments a seller can make when putting their home on the market to sell!

January 27, 2010

*From the Front Door – Selling Your Home Part 2

Did you know that prospective buyers decide within 30 seconds of entering a home if the home will work for them?  By using your senses, make sure those first impressions are positive.   

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